The association

The Sahay Solar Association

The non-profit Sahay Solar Association aims to play an active role in the distribution of solar energy on the African continent, especially in Ethiopia.

On a concrete level, we:

  • offer training in the field of solar energy for lecturers, students and other interested parties at Ethiopian universities

  • implement solar projects with a social character in Ethiopia together with local experts

  • enable young engineers to establish economic livelihoods in the solar sector

  • build a sustainable support network with partners from science and industry

The predominant goal of our activities is to establish sustainable structures in Ethiopia in order to have the skilled workers needed to develop a self-sustaining social business concept in the medium term. The donation-financed social solar projects thus play a key role in building these basic structures as a bridge between theory and practice.

In Germany, the association is being represented by the board members Max Pohl (1st Chairman), Sebastian Zenz (2nd Chairman), Amelie Pohl (Treasurer) and Alexander Jordan (Secretary) and it is supported by numerous members and organizations.

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2009 Gründung

2010 Beginn Kooperation mit Arba Minch Universität

2011 #1 Schulprojekt

2013 #1 Health Station

2015 Kooperationsvertrag 50 Health Station Projekt

2017 8 Schulen und 15 Health Center mit Solarenergie versorgt

2018 29 Health Center elektrifiziert

The Sahay Project Villages

The Sahay Solar Association has electrified more than 30 social facilities (schools and health centers) in collaboration with Arba Minch University (AMU) since the beginning of its activities. As a result, several thousand inhabitants of the Gamo Gofa Zone can benefit from higher quality education or better health care. On the map you can get an overview of the projects realized so far:

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