The Team

The German Board

Max Pohl

1st Chairman and Founder

Sebastian Zenz

2nd Chairman

Amelie Pohl

Treasurer and Founder

Dr. Alexander Jordan


The Swiss Board

Hans Rudolf Tobler

Chairman and Founder

Alexandra Kellermann-Freytag

Board Member

Roger Buser

Board Member

Marieline Bader

Project and Sustainability Manager

The Sahay-Team at the Arba Minch University

Zelalem Girma

Project Manager

Sodessa Soma

Technical Manager

Zeleke Ginto

Senior Technical Assistant

Nigussie Worku

Junior Technical Assistant

The lecturers

Roger Buser

Lecturer (FH Lucerne)

Domenico Chianese


Dr. Christof Bucher

Lecturer (FH Lucerne)

Klaus Eisele